2017 hdr schedule

Tuesday - Thursday, September 26-28


Wednesday, September 27

11:30 AM Registration Opens On-Site
9:00AM Global Council - For appointed national leadership i.e. National Directors, Coordinators, and Assistants. 
1:00 PM Global Summit -  A time of vision casting and training geared toward leaders of all levels. Open to all conference attendees. 
4:30 PM Global Summit
7:30 PM Global Prayer Leaders

Thursday, September 28

Noon Registration
Noon Market Place opens
Noon Gifts to the City opens
9:00 AM Islam/Israel Seminar
7:00 PM 50th Anniversary Gala
8:30 PM Paul Wilbur Concert

Friday, September 29

9:00 AM Opening Session, Flag Parade - Jane Hansen Hoyt
12:00 PM Transformation Share Partners Outreach
2:30 PM War Room
4:00 PM French Speaking Delegates Meeting
4:00 PM Generations Meeting
7:00 PM General Session, Guest Night - Barbara Yoder

Saturday, September 30

9:00 AM General Session - Chuck Pierce
1:30 PM US Regional Meetings
1:30 PM International Regional Meetings
7:00 PM General Session - Dutch Sheets

Sunday, October 1

9:00 AM General Session - Graham Cooke