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What Is AIM?

AIM is the acronym for the Aglow Institute of Ministry.

  • AIM builds on Aglow’s 40 years of experience in teaching, discipling, and raising up leaders around the world.
  • AIM is an on-demand, online school of ministry.
  • Students from the following nations have taken courses:
    • Australia - Bahamas - Canada - Great Britain - Iceland - Ireland - Italy - Japan - Netherlands - New Zealand - Norway - Romania - Saudi Arabia - Scotland - Singapore - U.S. - Wales


Annual Enrollment Fee $25.00
Per Course Tuition Fee $95.00
Course "Audit Only" Fee $65.00
Event Credit Fees $75.00/$100.00
Prior Learning Evaluation Fee     $50.00

Enrollment and Course Registration is done online on the AIM Home Page.

Course Duration And Availability

  • The student has 65 days to complete each course.
  • All courses are available on-demand; there are no “quarters” or “semesters” when certain courses are available.

Course Work Requirements

All course work is done online through the “virtual classroom” of a program called Moodle, personalized for each student based on the courses in which they are enrolled.

  • Required reading: an assigned course text related to the subject
  • Online video lectures: all lectures are in approximately 30-min segments and range in lecture hours from one to 6 hours.
  • Courses that have less video lectures may have other online reading/resource assignments.
  • All courses have a 100-question, Multiple Choice/True/False, Final Exam. The exam is open-book and the student may use all of the course resources when taking the exam.
  • Students have 2 attempts at the exam and the highest grade is recorded as their grade for the course.
  • All course work is very doable in the 65-day time frame, even for those who are working full time.

Certificates Of Study


Each of the following certificates is awarded on completion of 5 courses in the specific area of study:

  • Certificate of Aglow Ministry Mandates
  • Certificate of Personal Leadership Development


To earn a General Studies Certificate, the student must complete 10 Courses (30 Course Units).

  • Event Credit is available for this Certificate.
  • Prior Learning Ministry Credit is available for this Certificate.

Event Credit

Below is a list of approved Aglow events for which Course Units can be applied towards the General Studies Certificate. The cost is in addition to any registration fee for the event. This cost covers Course Units that are earned in AIM. A written assignment is also required following attendance at the event. The student must be enrolled in AIM to apply for Event Credit.

  • Aglow National and Worldwide Conferences attendance:
    • 6 Course Units earned
    • AIM Cost: $100.00
    • Assignment:  To be determined
  • Aglow Israel trip attendance:
    • 6 Course Units earned
    • AIM Cost: $100.00
    • Assignment: To be determined
  • Aglow Transformation trip attendance:
    • 6 Course Units earned
    • AIM Cost: $100.00
    • Assignment: To be determined
  • Aglow Regional Gatherings and Conferences attendance:
    • 3 Course Units earned
    • AIM Cost: $75.00
    • Assignment: To be determined
  • Watchman on the Wall or Islamic Awareness Seminar
    • 3 Course Units earned
    • AIM Cost: $75.00
    • Assignment: To be determined