Faroe Islands GenerationsAt the 2013 Aglow Global Conference, three young adults from the Faroe Islands joined hands in prayer with Anna Hammer, Aglow International Generations Director, believing God that He would make a way for her to visit the Aglow ministry in the Faroe Islands.

07082015-silhouetteSome of the nations where Aglow has a presence are noted as “Restricted” due to the daily difficulty and danger posed by being a Christian.  We recently received a report from our Aglow leader in a “Restricted” nation describing the situation for her and the Aglow family in their country.

07022015-gogoWhen the vision to build the Global House of Prayer was first cast,  Eggrinah Kaliyati, gathered Zimbabwe's GoGo’s (older grandmas) together and told them their job was to build their nation's wall in this House of Prayer.


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